CoolSculpting is a gentle, 35 to 75 minute treatment (depending upon which applicators are used) during which you may watch movies, TV, read, listen to music, nap, or work on your laptop. Jeanne will outline your target zones with a surgical pen, and then apply a soothing gel. Next, the cryolipolysis applicators will be placed strategically over your skin, drawing the target areas inside. Each applicator is computer monitored to ensure its proper temperature at all times. Once the process is complete, you can safely return to your day, knowing you have taken an effective step toward lasting contour improvement.
RECOVERY FROM COOLSCULPTING Recovery from CoolSculpting is quite easy, partly because no needles, lasers, or surgery are involved in the treatment process. Some clients may experience minor redness, tenderness and tingling, or bruising however, these side effects tend to evaporate within hours or days. Results can be visible within the first 3-4 weeks and will continue to impress in the months that follow. At 2-4 months, most clients will see their full outcomes on display. According to the FDA, a CoolSculpting treatment reduces the amount of fat by an average of 20-25% in the area treated. With repeated CoolSculpting sessions, this number can climb. Be sure to schedule a follow up visit following your treatment to assess your results.