Hi! My name is Jeanne Paulus, the creator of Coolsculpting Concierge. I created this brand out of the need for more. More comprehensive knowledge about Non-invasive body contouring with Coolsculpting/CoolTone + your body in general. FAT is a hot topic and so is having a more defined figure with toned + strengthened muscle. I educate my clients on all aspects of changing their bodies, permanently, both with technology and mindfulness practices. What does that mean exactly? Along with being a Master Coolsculpting specialist, I am also a mindset coach specializing in self image, subconscious reprogramming. I have a medical background as a Registered Dental Hygienist, with certifications in Meditation and Nutrition from Cornell University. I was also a studio owner of the largest barre workout franchise- Pure Barre. I’ve got fat’s number and together we can eliminate yours. We live in an era where we want to look good on the outside, but most importantly FEEL good, on the inside. I really like to remind my clients that although you may have fat, that does not mean that you are fat. I am striving to change that narrative around body image in general to a more positive one. What you think, and most importantly how you feel on a consistent basis, defines your well-being. Your body, believe it or not, responds to what you think at the cellular level. Having a regulated nervous system is the underlying key to true health. I use comprehensive assessment techniques to determine you’re the right candidate for treatment. During the past 15 years of my career, I have seen, heard, studied, applied and tried it all! I know what works and what doesn’t from both an external and internal viewpoint. I have come to witness the true reward of helping my clients achieve complete satisfaction + joy that comes from real, lasting change both internally and externally. Join me in helping YOU achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of having. Less stubborn fat, sleeker toned muscle. There is absolutely nothing that you cannot be, do, or have.